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Below is our price list for the various hand treatments we provide.

Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

Gelish Overlays

Gelish is a cross between nail polish and a gel and is known for its quick
application and lengthy staying power

Gel Extensions and Overlays

Full Set Gel - High quality, LCN gels £50.00
Overlays £37.00
Infills (gel) £37.00
Permanent French Manicure (extra) £7.00
Colour Gel Overlay Extra £7.00
Polish Extra £4.00
Individual Nails £7.00
Gel Removal - Complete with conditioning treatment £25.50
Tidy Ups - Resurface of gel £21.50

Natural Nails

Manicure - Cuticles treated, hand massage, shape and paint on nails £25.50
Shape and paint £16.50

Nail Art & Nail Jewellery

Diamontes £0.50